Monday, January 21, 2008

What I Love About Britain; A Public Debate About the Quality of M&S Underwear

For the English and Anglophiles in general Jeremy Paxman is the model of a great interviewer, never suffering fools gladly on Newsnight. And like most Englishmen, not only does he put on his underwear on one leg at a time, he buys his pants at Marks and Spencer. Paxman is not, however, pleased with the quality of Mark's current offerings.

"Their pants no longer provide adequate support," he was quoted as saying after an e-mail to the company was leaked.

Socks were "wearing out much more quickly" than before, the star added.

"I've noticed that something very troubling has happened," he told the newspaper.

"There's no other way to put this. Their pants no longer provide adequate support.

"The other thing is socks. Even among those of us who clip our toenails very rigorously, they appear to be wearing out much more quickly on the big toe."

So far, the story has been covered in The Sun, The Guardian, and the BBC to name three. The fact that this could be an issue of public debate -- as it has become -- is what I love about Britain.

Paxman in all his glory:

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