Sunday, November 30, 2008

Calling the Pirates

He dialled the number. A pirate answered. "I'm sorry," he barked in Somali, "the boss pirate is sleeping. He was very busy last night keeping watch for possible attackers, night time, you know, is the busiest time for us. Call back in two hours."

From the Beeb.

Florence Nightingale Graphing Deaths from the Crimean War

So as to explain the horror to Queen Victoria. Article here.

A Recipe During the Seige of Leningrad

Soup from pets and domesticated animals
Meat is ranked by taste in the following order: dog, guinea pig, cat, rat. Gut the carcass, wash well and place in cold water. Add salt. Cook for one to three hours. For aroma: bay leaf, pepper, any sort of herbs, and, if available, grain.

Harper's story here, but you gotta pay.