Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Surprise, Surprise: Diddly-doodly-done-diddly-doodly done-diddly-doodly Status Quo

The CBC is running as a leader the groundbreaking news that:

Canadians don't want another election right now': Dion

In other CBC news:
Violence on rise among residents in Ont. nursing homes

Monsieur Dion in Training for the Next Election

Too Good Not to Post; Obama on Cheney

"Every family has a black sheep," - Barack Obama's response to the news that he is distantly related to Dick Cheney.


Pool Alert: Will Stephano Bite?

Personally, I don't think the Machiavelli (not!) of Quebec will bite. I neither think his appetite is great enough nor do I believe the bait sufficiently enticing. He and his party are also in no position to play ball. Dion's political acumen, however, is so suspect that it is anyone's guess. That said, I am running a game (read the place you go for a swim without fear of sharks and your eyes go red from the chlorine) for the person who predicts most accurately when the writ is dropped. (A dropped writ seems the most definitive indicator that sign posts will soon be seen in front of a house near you.) Leave a comment below or drop an email to me of your prediction, and your best guess will be recorded, and a prize, if you win, begrudgingly, awarded. Look deep into the waters. Jeff

We'll always have Paris; Just Count 'Em, 16 Red Lights

This is one of the times I feel homesick for a place that never was my home.