Saturday, September 6, 2008

Question: Who (for Love and Money) Will Have the Best Health Care in the World

Question: Who (for Love and Money) has the Best Health Care in the World?
Answer: The President of the United States.
What does this mean?
It means that there is no way (short of the impeachment or resignation of the Executive) that the President, even a 72 year old one, can possibly die whilst in office. The mandarins out of fear or inertia would never have it. Therefore, the VP will never become the P. I am not even sure an attempted assassination (a very real possibility and I have no doubt that the Secret Service will read this after I post the 'a' word) could ever be more than an attempt. The President's health care is that good.

Michael Moore on Palin

But before everyone gets all smug and self-righteous about the Palin selection, remember where you live. You live in a nation of gun owners and hunters. You live in a country where one out of three girls get pregnant before they are 20. You live in a nation of C students. Knocking Bush for being a C student only endeared him to the nation of C students. Knock Palin for having kids, for having a kid who's having a baby, for anything that is part of her normalness -- a normalness that looks very familiar to so many millions of Americans -- well, you do this at your own peril. Assuming she's still on the ticket two weeks from now, she will be a much tougher opponent than anyone expects.