Friday, August 15, 2008

Twin baby moose in sprinkler

Did I Say That I Bought A New Bike?

I bought a new Mountain Bike, a Trek -- the twenty year old Peugeot racing bike was missing it's front brake and with its super thin and then fashionable tyres was prone to flats. Although I like my Trek, I really wish I had gone for the Canondale with front and disk brakes at twice the price. I didn't plug for it because 1). I didn't like the sales guy and 2.) I didn't think I would be using my new bike so much. I may even commute, yeah sure. It's amazing, however, how bikes have improved. Everything from click shift gears, suspension, light frames, brakes that actually work, and tires that don't ask you to watch for streetcar tracks. Helmets seem like a good idea too as does the TTC. Moreover, I can wear, temporarily, some green creds. But the best news is, I am buying a Motorbike! After all, you still have to pedal with a pedal bike and hey my new motorbike is bound to use less gas than the 5.0 litre boat I scratched in a parking lot last week. Hey, we are at Peak Oil aren't we?

The One

Am getting a little sick of this Messiah.

Got this neat Bit of Anti-Georgian Spam Today

Funny Saakashvili gay video... See now! Sensation! President gay!

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Contacting BBC about these Terms of UseBritish Broadcasting Corporation
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Portland Place,

Must See: In Bruges

'In Bruges' is sort of a slow motion, but also very clever 'The Usual Suspects.' I am not sure I should write anything more as the merest hint of its content, other than it is set in Bruges, would be giving something away. OK. The movie does feature a midget, I mean dwarf and a couple of obnoxious self-righteous, superior Canadians, an accurate portrayal of Canadians abroad that would win my vote every time. Alas, unlike most others in the film, the Canadians get out alive. I've said enough.

PS I love the Zohan. Take that JPK!

Some Bastard Stole My Pedal Bike!!!

To you, I say go F*CK Yourself!