Saturday, August 2, 2008

Anyone Else Find this Paragraph from The National Roast Weird?

Igor Kenk has a messianic aura to accompany his horror novel name. He is a head taller than the guard who led him, handcuffed behind his back, into the glass prisoner's box in courtroom M2 at Old City Hall for his bail hearing this week. With his mane of tousled dirty-blond hair curling over the upturned collar of his orange prison overalls, his beard and drooping moustache, he resembles Liam Neeson from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, crossed with Jesus Christ.

Story here.

Or this one form here:

But he had excellent blue eyes, was energetic, very male and thus attractive. When he spoke, his prophetic gaze never wavered; his bewitching eyes felt as though they could cleave into my mind. He would be difficult to lie to, and gifted at manipulating others. I could just tell.

And just as a matter of pure curiosity, how could such an open secret go undetected by the detectives for so long?