Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Google Blows Through C$600, Be Afraid, Very Afraid

Shoulda Coulda, but didn't as I thought it was overpriced at issue.
Had the same (wrong) feeling about RIMM in it's early days. The greatest short going, they used to say. How could fly by night companies like Sony, Motorola, Palm, Ericson, and Nokia not do what RIMM did. Amazingly, they still aren't able to.

More Cents than Sense?

The [Canadian] mint is demanding the city pay $47,680 for using a picture of the “tails” side of a Canadian penny in its brochures, banners and advertisements for the campaign, aimed at persuading Ottawa to set aside one cent of every six collected under the goods and services tax (GST) for municipalities. The mint is also seeking compensation for the city’s use of the phrase “one cent” in the campaign.

Now that we are at par (or even above) with the US$, we can stake claim to the phrase 'one cent' and the tails image of the maple leaf? No longer a great fan of Miller, I humbly offer Abe and a real set of tails on the old and defunct lucky Irish penny. I can't imagine that either of these republics will mind...and now that we are at par with the US penny, it should be an easy sub.