Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This Revolver Goes to Eleven (really!)

From the Shooting Times: (not that I read such gun porn

The Model 500 from Smith & Wesson is the biggest, heaviest, most powerful factory-production double-action revolver in the world. It's built on an entirely new and massive S&W frame size. It fires the new .500 S&W Magnum cartridge, which is the most powerful factory load ever developed specifically for handgun use. The gun and the cartridge are both impressive product accomplishments, beyond the industry norm, and both moved together from concept to reality in less than a year.

So that's all right then...

In other news, Winchester was rescued from Chapter 11. Apparently, there's an appetitie for small arms ordinance in Iraq and Afghanistan these days.

More UberDollar Fun (for those who live in the Trailer Park, Ricky Excepted)

Ricky cries in Julian's Rye and Coke after exports to US collapse with sinking greenback.

Good news, however, for domestic consumers.