Friday, August 24, 2007

AC/DC Sin City 1978

I am rather embarrassed to say that my taste for the boys down under (particularly the one in short-pants) came quite late in life. Indeed, when I was young, I rather disliked them. Either I was very wrong then or I am very wrong now. I hope for the former. Enjoy.

This will work, not!

Sun Microsystems is going to leave the roots of its name -- Stanford University Network -- behind and change its listing on the Nasdaq stock exchange from SUNW to JAVA.

In 2000, SUNW traded above US$61. Today, it's under US$6.

I can't say how much I disagree with these words

From (someone will have to show me how to do block quotes:

If the plays had been written with a word processor on a computer that had somehow survived, we still might not know anything definitive about Shakespeare's original or final intentions — these are human, not technological, questions — but we might be able to know some rather different things... We might discover the play had originally been called GreatDane.doc instead of Hamlet.doc. We might also be able to know what else he had been working on that same day, or what Internet content he had browsed the night before (since we'll assume Shakespeare had Web access too). While he was online, he might have updated his blog or tagged some images in his Flickr account, or perhaps edited a Wikipedia entry or two. He might even have spent some time interacting with others by performing with an avatar in Second Life, an online place where all the world is truly a shared virtual stage.
We may no longer have the equivalent of Shakespeare's hard drive, but we do know that we wish we did, and it is therefore not too late — or too early — to begin taking steps to make sure we save the born-digital records of the literature of today.