Friday, May 23, 2008

Unfortunately, this Will not be a Storm in a Tea Cup

Amazing, watch about 1:55 in.
I don't believe for one minute that HC meant that the same fate that met Robert Kennedy will meet Obama and as a result she will win the democratic nomination. But this is certainly not how it will be understood. A monumentally stupid gaffe.

Great Article on the Russian Computer Attack on Estonia

The PDF is here. And it was all over a monument.

Global-Social-Positioning System To Help Lost Drivers Avoid Poor People

Hindenburg Zeppelin Circles Manhattan Island

I never knew how big the Hindenburg was, less than 10 meters shorter than the Titanic and could travel at 80 mph. In the clip above, the Swastikas on the tail fins have been swapped for Iron Crosses. They were circling New York waiting for better weather in New Jersey.