Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Straight lining it!

Now that's a chart (VMW-N) you can get to like.

The biggest flotation since Google, VMW supplies software that everyone will use but no-one will ever see. Say goodbye to rack computers and hello mainframes? I am not sure. But it will be interesting to watch this one. When Google (GOOG-N) floated using a dutch auction it the market running at $108 and is now US$505 (as I write). Now if Google could just make entry into the Enterprise!

UFOs over Haiti; Even Lincs Can't Beat This!

OK. I am a hypocrite. On the one hand I doubt the efficacy of the Space Shuttle. On the other hand, I would be very surprised if we were all alone in the Universe. And I enjoy the sociology of UFOism. And while undoubtedly, the above is a prank. It is a very good prank nonetheless.

Doesn't Look Good Does It?

To the right (the other right!) you can see the damaged tiles on the Space Shuttle. While the scale is hard to work out, you can see how deep the chip goes, practically to the Space Ship's inner hull. I am almost sure they will have to repair this. And while I know I have been harping on about the Space Shuttle, but I really do think it has become an expensive, and, moreover, dangerous anachronism. There may have been a time and place for manned space exploration -- and even here I have my doubts -- but if there is still a case for Space Exploration (which is itself rather an oxymoron) can't it be conducted without living, breathing humans.