Monday, May 5, 2008

Harrowing Photo Essay of the Aftermath of the US Nuclear Attack on Hiroshima

The photo essay can be found here.

It's a strange thing, but when I think of Hiroshima I think of pictures like the one above, a photograph denuded of the bomb's effect on the citizens of Hiroshima and, if you are like me, a long hard look at the photographs above are a necessary correction to this odd lacunae. The story behind how it is that these harrowing photographs are only available to the public now is also very much worth a read. Israel's bombing of Syria's nascent atomic weapon facilities looks all the more prescient.



  1. The photos have been removed -- the note says two of them were actually photos of the Kanto (Tokyo area) earthquake...

  2. Interesting, but odd.
    The story, from the beginning, was a little odd as it discussed an undeveloped roll of film found in cave by a US Serviceman.
    The Kanto earthquake was over, I think, 30 years before. That probably should have been obvious. Still terrible photographs nonetheless. There must be a true photo archive of Kanto AND Hiroshima out there somewhere.


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