Monday, April 7, 2008

Weird Blog: Terrorists Evolve. Threats Evolve. Security Must Stay Ahead. You Play A Part

Found this weird blog today from The Transportation Security Administration with a .gov domain name no less. Here's a rather all too representative quote:

As a result of the bag search, a variety of suspicious items were found. (Since the FBI is leading the investigation, we're not saying exactly what these items are although there is speculation in the press and on the web). The individual was taken into custody by Orlando Police and the FBI is now questioning him. If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve probably seen the bomb squad removing the passenger's clothing curbside to ensure he did not pose a threat.

What's the point here. Is this a blog to show that the TSA is on the case or to inform would be terrorists how to better avoid detection? Oh for the days of Mr. Reid the shoe bomber and his pack of matches.


  1. The TSA blog is really kind of mind-bending.

  2. I suppose the TSA just didn't want to feel left out of blogworld.


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