Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jeff Healey Passes Away At 41

I didn’t even know he was sick.

Jeff Healey was the first Blues guitarist I ever saw. It must have been twenty years ago.

I was also a great fan of My Kind of Music and was delighted when Jazz FM picked it up.

I remember reading somewhere that he had had to have specially built shelves strong enough to support the weight of his 35,000 78s. I hope they don’t break up the collection. You used to be able to pick up JH’s castoffs at a store on Yonge Street whose name escapes me now. I have a few.

There was even a rumor that JH could identify the record in question by feel. I give this some credence as 78s are made of quite different thicknesses and materials and look of the grooves.

I had been visiting my father at the same hospital for the same reason at the same time. Small cancer world.

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