Friday, February 29, 2008

Conrad Black is to Report to Jail on Monday

My feelings are mixed. Conrad Black was a hero of mine. I thought his books were great and subscribed to his newspapers and magazines on both sides of the pond. I even lived in Crossharbour across the quay from The Telegraph's West Ferry Road Printing Plant. But Lord Tubby of Crossharbour was caught dipping deep into the cookie jar at the expense of shareholders. It's a story of almost Greek Tragedian proportions. Spending your 65th birthday in bar hotel is certainly not something to look forward to.

Oddly, Blacks two co-defendants are still on the outside while their appeals are addressed.


  1. Not so odd -- it was his removing evidence from Toronto St., on camera, that really sunk him and led to his more severe treatment. Incredibly poor judgement.

  2. Incredibly stupid stupid judgment? Monumentally stupid judgment. If there's an image that this trial leaves you with, it's Black looking up at the camera as he passes boxes to his driver.

    I take back oddly.


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