Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bentleys and Minis

$2500 Tato Nano


Although a Bentley might cost you twenty times the price of a Mini, as the more Hayekian wags at the LSE would have it, the Bentley could not legally take you to your destination any faster or take you to any destination that the Mini could not. Indeed, very often the Mini could go places that the Bentley could not and no-one (not even the insufferable in pursuit of the inedible) would argue that a Bentley was any easier to park than the Mini, though I know which car I would drive.

While I haven't seen or driven a Tata Nano, I have the ASUS EEE sub-notebook and think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Indeed, 'war-driving' (looking for the eponymous Mr. Linksys open wireless connections) with the EEE really showed me just how unsecure the internet is. Of course the granola munchers will not be too happy about Indian families trading in their mules for green house gas emitters, but so what. There will still be another granola for everyone.

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