Saturday, December 8, 2007

Putin Supporter Turnout v. Turnout by Supporters of Other Candidates

If I understand the above graph correctly -- and I stand to be corrected -- the blue dots show the percentage of Putin supporters that showed up for the last election. Each dot represents a single voting district. All other coloured dots show the percentage of supporters for other candidates that, supposedly, could not be bothered to bundle up to vote. Absolute numbers of supporters are not shown. I am not saying that the percentage of voters who arrived at the polls for each candidate ought to be perfectly equal, but certainly -- if everything during the last election was on the up and up -- the correlation ought to have been much, much closer.


  1. Actually, the % on the y-axis is the % of votes, the % on the x-axis is voter turnout. So I think it's showing how successful the parties were in getting their voters out vs. the % of votes they won -- isn't it??

    What it still shows is that United Russia had high turnout and overwhelmingly high support.

  2. So what I think it means is that the votes cast for other parties should be higher, given the turnout those parties have.


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