Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Naomi Klein's 'The Rise of Disaster Capitalism'

Out of sheer prejudice and a certain reluctance to purchase books at full whack, I had resisted buying a copy of Naomi Klein's new book The Rise of Disaster Capitalism until this week.

When I saw it for 30% off at Indigo, and remembered that I had my Indigo card on me, which gave myself a further 10% off, I took the hardback plunge.

I am now about a 1/3rd of the way through and am annoyed at myself for both not buying the book sooner and for, at least to myself, pre-judging it.

It is really -- and those who know me may be surprised at what I am about to write -- a very, very good and important work that will have much staying power. Not only is it a good story well told. It is also a story both horrifying and horrifyingly believable.

In a way it reminds me of Alasdair MacIntyre in that it shows what the effects of misguided Chicago policies are on the ground and does not simply build a case up in the clouds against the boys from Chicago. It is also why I am an Oakeshottian.

I will write more after I finish the book. But this is one book that is, for me at least, a must read.

Hats off Ms. Klein!!!


  1. I am amazed! You're recommending a Naomi Klein book??

  2. I am amazed myself.
    Will have more to say about it as I should finish by tonight. I think it is a really important book. I may even read No Logo.


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