Friday, October 12, 2007

Going back on a promise: bile

While I had intended to write up everything that I thought was wrong with this last election (like I would know anyway), I don't really think, much like the electors, I can be bothered. So like our new-old leader, I will break my promise. No post election bile forthcoming!

To add insult to injury though, after visiting nearly a dozen polling stations located between St. Clair and Eglinton and from Bathurst to Spadina, I found my front tyre was completely flat.

Dirty tricks by our sworn enemies in red? It would be fun to think so, but I doubt it. Most probably a random puncture from a random nail.

One thing I am grateful for: the referendum question was so poorly explained to the electorate and so poorly executed by those who ran the election, that it didn't stand a chance of passing. First Past the Post may not be the greatest system in the world, but it beats hands down proportional representation if Israel or Italy are any indication and I believe they are. There is, however, something unnervingly sinister to me about proposing to revise one of the most important foundations of the longest running democratic systems in the world.

Oakeshott, Burke, Hobbes and Locke must have all rolled in their graves. Perhaps not though. They more likely laughed at this made in Ontario foolishness. Am off now for a double-double at Timmy's.

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