Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why this topic obsesses me so, I can’t say.

Well, and I am glad of it, the Space Shuttle Endeavour has safely returned to earth a day before its original plan.

My larger point, however, remains. It’s an unsafe ship well past its sell by date engaged on a costly and dangerous enterprise for which there is no rational justification.

NASA says it will keep the Shuttle grounded until the foam problem is resolved, which, after a fashion, is good news, but what of it when the Shuttles are repaired: more expensive and dangerous manned space posturing.

I don’t say I rest my case. I only state that the whole manned space industry is stupid -- if there is anything worthwhile to do up there, why can’t a robot do it safer and cheaper?

Many of course will argue with me. But I am not sure if I really care. The space race was won long ago, 37 years ago to be precise. May we not give it a break?

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