Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Rather Feel We'll Be Seeing More of This

Anyone taking one of those clapped out cabs with 1/2 a million miles on the clock and a suspension more akin to a rent by the hour hotel than an automobile, can not fail to note the discrepancy between the cab, the broken down bridges and potholed roads upon which you are conveyed to New York, and the unmistakable fact that when the cab arrives, you will soon find yourself in the center of the known universe. The one place, Pirsig mentions in Lila, where you don't have to ask what they are doing in New York City because you are the one doing it. Compare this with a ride in from Orly. It is not news to anyone that North American (and Canada's Laval overpass was no different) infrastructure is falling apart and that little is being done to revive it. Road infrastructure collapses like the Minneapolis Bridge and the Laval Overpass will become more and more common.

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