Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I love these words....

Mock Turtle
Beautiful Soup, so rich and green,
Waiting in a hot tureen!

I'd like to say that reading M2s Mock Turtle Blog at http://blog.snappingturtle.net/ reminded of these fine words of Lewis Carroll, but that would be telling an untruth. A little research into these words that have been recently rolling around my head (from Wikipedia) reveals:

'Traditionally, mock turtle soup takes the parts of a calf that were not frequently used and often discarded, including the head, hooves, and tail; and uses the non-muscular meat to imitate turtle meat. Tenniel's illustration [shown above] shows the Mock Turtle with the body of a turtle, and the head, hooves, and tail of a calf. The complicated pun, then, is both word-play and picture-play, and is quite as satisfying in a literary sense as the soup presumably was in the culinary.'

Mock Turtle Soup, I imagine is more satisfying in the literary rather than the culinary sense, but I have been mistaken before.

Anyone need any stock?


  1. I don't quite follow this post. Are you slagging the random nature of the Mock Turtle blog?

  2. No.
    I didn't mean it to read that way at all. I love the verse -- which was new to me -- love the name -- also new -- and the blog -- new again. I also love turtles. Even mock ones. My typing has been misunderstood before and sometimes I even relish the misunderstanding, but not this time. Jeff
    I feel I have entered a new phase in blogging--the almost blog war.


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